Silver Spring, MD

Description of Classes

Gentle Yoga:  Gentle Yoga is a method of stress management that combines breathing techniques, some gentle yoga positions, and deep relaxation all designed to help reduce stress and tension.

Hatha Yoga
:  Hatha yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. Although ‘hatha yoga’ has its origins in India, similar practices developed by ancient peoples are found worldwide. It includes physical positions called asanas, a type of breathing designed to move energy around the body called pranayama, and deep relaxation.

Yogalates:  Yogalates includes the techniques developed nearly 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates to tone and strengthen the ‘core’ muscles girdling the waist, as well as the muscles in the upper and lower body. Gentle yoga stretches help to increase flexibility and calm the mind. Yogalates lengthens and strengthens the core muscles; it reduces “pot bellies” and “love handles”; and it improves body alignment, breathing, and posture.

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